60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

Taking friendships to the next level.

These Micky and Minnie tats.

Best friend Disney tattoos by Karol Kaczmarczyk

(Photo: Karol Kaczmarczyk)

These three hearts.

Hearts on ankles via Stacey

(Photo: Stacey)

These adorable heart-infused arrows.

Adorable heart-infused arrow tattoos via Ana-Marija

(Photo: Ana-Marija)

These artistic elephants.

Artistic elephant tattoos via Luca Nyerges

(Photo: Luca Nyerges)

These tiny wave wrist tattoos.

Matching tiny wave tattoos on wrist by Rebecca Fedun

(Photo: Rebecca Fedun)

These winged Smokey the Bear tattoos.

Smokey the Bear tattoos by Joy Shannon

(Photo: Joy Shannon)

These neo traditional envelopes.

Best friend envelop tattoos by Grace LaMorte

(Photo: Grace LaMorte)

These matching blackwork daisies.

Matching floral foot tattoos via Kellie

(Photo: Kellie)

These matching lip tattoos.

Matching best friend lip tattoos by Bee!


These matching finger tats.

Matching finger tattoos by Erick Diaz

(Photo: Erick Diaz)