33 Amazing Foot Tattoos That Don’t Stink

Pun intended.

33 Amazing Foot Tattoos That Don't Stink | TattooBlend

Out of all the places to get a tattoo, the foot is by far one of the most interesting. Although foot tattoos may not be the most popular of designs, they are definitely on the rise. There’s just something about looking down upon a tattoo on your foot that gives you a level of satisfaction not associated with other tattoos. Granted you get the right design of course. Anyways, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing foot tattoos from around the world for both men and women.

This decorative skull.

Decorative Skull Tattoo on Foot

OK Sasha has clearly out done herself with this amazing ornamental skull piece that would look great on anyone’s foot. (Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

These muted florals.

Floral Foot Tattoo by Jordan Busbea

Floral tattoos are every girl’s best friend. And this gorgeous neo traditional foot piece is no exception. The soft lines and unique shading make this piece a pleasure to view.  (Photo: Jordan Busbea)

These Hawaiian palm trees.

Hawaiian Foot Tattoo Design by Lauren

State tattoos are always fun. In fact, we’ve written a few articles featuring some of our favorite state-inspired tattoo designs. This dotwork example cleverly uses negative space to illustrate the volcanic islands of Hawaii. (Photo: Lauren)

This tiny koi.

Tiny Koi Fish Tattoo on Foot by Doy

Tiny tattoos are as popular as ever. You know. Those minimalistic 10 minute tattoos that are perfect for people looking for an affordable low commitment tattoo usually consisting of a simple black ink outline. This creative design takes that minimalistic tat up a notch (just barely) by adding a few colorful blooms of ink. (Photo: Doy)

This violet.

Violet Tattoo on Foot by Yeliz Ozcan

Not to be confused with a pansy, this watercolor violet is nothing short of spectacular. (Photo: Yeliz Ozcan)

This turquoise seashell.

Seashell Tattoo on Foot

What you’d call this part of the foot we’re not exactly sure. Perhaps it qualifies as the heel or inner heel? (Photo: Katrina Botell)

These blackwork botanicals.

Blackwork Floral Foot Tattoo by Anna Bravo

Another elegant floral foot tattoo by the talented Anna Bravo. If this is your style, be sure to check out Anna’s Instagram portfolio for all the blackwork floral tats you can handle. (Photo: Anna Bravo)

This lone wolf.

Wolf Tattoo on Foot by Nirvana Tattoo

Who wouldn’t want this wolf pack of one tattoo? The wolf is a highly symbolic animal in many cultures thus its extreme popularity in the wide world of ink. The wolf symbolizes strong instincts and loyalty among other things. (Photo: Nirvana Tattoo)

These cute kittens.

Cute Cat Tattoos on Foot By Lauren Winzer

Accented with a touch of black nail polish to really make those black lines pop. (Photo: Lauren Winzer)

This simple peacock feather.

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Foot by Cynthia Finch

Blue, purple, and turquoise make up this wonderfully whimsical foot tattoo.  (Photo: Cynthia Finch)