60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

Taking friendships to the next level.

These floral combs.

Matching floral combs by Migdy

(Photo: Migdy)

These vivid watercolor tattoos.

Best friend watercolor tattoos by Daniele Cugliara

(Photo: Daniele Cugliara)

These colorful Indian feathers.

Matching Indian feather tattoos via Popovicka

(Photo: Popovicka)

These gorgeous matching wrist tats.

Naturalistic wrist tattoos by Zihwa

(Photo: Zihwa)

These simple hearts.

Heart finger tats via Franpeach

(Photo: Franpeach)

These epic brain tattoos.

Epic brain tattoos by Paulo Victor Skaz

(Photo: Paulo Victor Skaz)

These Beatles lyrics.

Beatles lyrics tattoos via Becky

(Photo: Becky)

These colorful cosmic whales.

Matching cosmic whale tattoos by Martyna Popiel

(Photo: Martyna Popiel)

These infinity arrows.

Matching infinity arrow tattoos via Kristy

(Photo: Kristy)

Wild and safe.

'You keep me wild. You keep me safe.' via Pihla

(Photo: Pihla)