30 Amazing Airplane Tattoos For People Who Love To Travel

It's a bird, no...it's a plane.

30 Amazing Airplane Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

According to flightradar24, there are around 660,000 people in the air aboard various types of aircraft at any given moment. That’s over 3000 planes constantly crowding the night’s sky. Before the era of air travel, we could only imagine what it was like to fly high above the clouds. Today, planes are the universal symbol for travel, often evoking feelings of nostalgia and restlessness among anyone who sees even the smallest of say, airplane tattoos.

Both Instagram and Pinterest are full of tiny airplane tattoos (often located on the wrist) with a plane’s window in the background. These well-composed photos are almost always accompanied with hundreds, if not thousands of likes but more for that wanderlust aura they exude than the craftsmanship of the tattoo itself.

This list contains some pretty epic examples of airplane tattoos across all platforms. We hope you enjoy this list as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

This cool cloud paint job.

Adorable Airplane with a cloud paintjob

(Photo: IDA)

This circular glyph.

Circular Airplane Tattoo Design by Anna Bravo

(Photo: Anna Bravo)

This 90 degree roll.

Airliner Tattoo by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This black and grey ink WWII fighter.

Black and Grey Ink WWII Fighter by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This 3D dotwork design.

3D Dotwork Airplane Tattoo by Sasha Masiuk

(Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

This wonderful paint job .

P-38 Lightning by Tesla

(Photo: Tesla)

This small black wrist work.

Tiny Black Airplane by Kayleigh Kerr

(Photo: Kayleigh Kerr)

This geometric/watercolor airplane tattoo.

Tiny Watercolor Airplane by Hello Tattoo

(Photo: Hello Tattoo)

This geometric thigh tat.

Geometric Plane on Thigh

(Photo: Kay Em)

This triangular dotwork piece.

Dotwork Plane

(Photo: Katleen)