60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

Taking friendships to the next level.

This matching sun and moon.

Matching sun and moon wrist tattoos via Galia Fonseka

(Photo:  Galia Fonseka)

These matching dove tattoos.

Matching dove tattoos by William Roldan

(Photo: William Roldan)

These keyboard tats.

Control + Z tattoos by Eugenie Kasher

(Photo: Eugenie Kasher)

These matching tulip tattoos.

Matching tulip tattoos via Ebony189

(Photo: Ebony189)

These best friend bird tattoos.

Best friend bird tattoos by Laura Martinez

(Photo: Laura Martinez)

These tiny infinity roses.

Tiny infinity rose tattoos by Aiden Donnellan

(Photo: Aiden Donnellan)

These matching roses.

Matching tiny blackwork roses on wrist by OK

(Photo: OK)

‘We shall never drift apart.’

'We shall never drift apart' best friend tattoos via Kimberly Rogers

(Photo: Kimberly Rogers)

These colorful daisies.

Best friend daisy tattoos on feet by Kelly King

(Photo: Kelly King)

Double trouble tats.

Best friend arrow tattoos via Elyse Gullison

(Photo: Elyse Gullison)



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