20 White Ink Tattoos That Ooze Sophistication

And suddenly, white ink is everywhere.

Many people love the idea of a tattoo but are hesitant to pull the trigger. Luckily for them, there’s a subtle, barely-there option that gives you the best of both worlds: white ink.

Solid white ink has a certain sophistication that other colors lack. It’s there, but not really. So if a traditional black ink tattoo is a little too bold for your taste, a white ink design may be the perfect option. Find yours, below.

This rose.

Rose via Nayely

(Photo: Nayely)

Love you.

Love you via Trisha Diana Michelle Sexton

(Photo: Trisha Diana Michelle Sexton)

This crescent moon.

Crescent moon by Evil Ink

(Photo: Evil Ink)

This back piece.

Back piece via Emily

(Photo: Emily)


Mine by Claudius Loucura

(Photo: Claudius Loucura)

This talisman.

Talisman tattoo by Christina Miglino

(Photo: Christina Miglino)

I am me.

I am me by Chang

(Photo: Chang)

These circular doodles.

Circular white ink doodles via Kayla

(Photo: Kayla)

This treble clef.

Treble clef by via Danielle

(Photo: Danielle)

This white ink rose.

White ink rose by Pati San Martin

(Photo: Pati San Martin)