60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

Taking friendships to the next level.

These neo traditional dagger tattoos.

Neo traditional dagger tattoos via Emily Hogan

(Photo: Emily Hogan)

These best friend finger tattoos.

'Love' finger tats by Channing Artist

(Photo: Channing Artist)

These matching mandala moons.

Matching mandala moon tattoos by Cheryl Simiakakis

(Photo: Cheryl Simiakakis)

These pinky promises.

Pinky promise tattoos by Georgia Sverns

(Photo: Georgia Sverns)

These cute cupcake tattoos.

Cute cupcake tattoos via Lisa Pae

(Photo: Lisa Pae)

These tiny tricep tats.

Matching tricep tattoos by Nathan Kostechko

(Photo: Nathan Kostechko)

These infinity rose tattoos.

Infinity rose tattoos by Carlos Vazquez

(Photo: Carlos Vazquez)

These ornamental ankle tats.

Ornamental ankle tattoos via Ashley Lorenson

(Photo: Ashley Lorenson)

These matching unicorns.

Matching unicorn tattoos in progress by Corin Webb

(Photo: Corin Webb)

These simple finger tats.

Matching X tattoos via Genna

(Photo: Genna)