60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

Taking friendships to the next level.

60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

If there’s a better way to celebrate the triumph of a great friendship than getting matching tattoos, please let us know. But for the benefit of good friends all over the world, we’ve decided to create a compilation of some of the most fantastic best friend tattoos in existence. Whether it’s matching identical tattoos or coinciding designs such as a slice of peanut butter bread to go with a slice of jelly, just knowing that your bestie is marked with the same ink should be enough to keep the friendship going for life.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at 60 matching tattoo designs only suitable for the best of friends.


L-O-V-E tattoo for best friends by EnigMcD

(Photo: EnigMcD)

These matching trouble tats.

Trouble best friend arrow tattoos by Kelley Goodwin

(Photo: Kelley Goodwin)

These doves.

Matching dove tattoos by Laura Martinez

(Photo: Laura Martinez)

These matching sanskrit symbols.

Matching sanskrit symbols via Lexiebabiie

(Photo: Lexiebabiie)

These wishbone wrist tats.

Wishbone wrist tattoos by Lucky's

(Photo: Lucky’s)

Matching poppies with initial stems.

Matching poppies with initial stems by Mini Lau

(Photo: Mini Lau)

These adorable PB & J slices.

Adorable PB & J slices by Gina Fote

(Photo: Gina Fote)

These worded wrist tats.

'You are my sunshine my only sunshine' by Taylore Darrough

(Photo: Taylore Darrough)

These colored dots.

Colored dots via Corrine

(Photo: Corrine)

These soul sister tattoos.

Soul sister tattoos by Mianeseth

(Photo: Mianeseth)

These matching florals.

Matching best friend flower tattoos by Pis Saro

(Photo: Pis Saro)