42 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Only Appeal To The Most Amazing Of Couples


In the last few decades, traditional wedding customs have taken a back seat to new and exciting trends that express each couples unique sense of style.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment, so couples choosing to get a more permanent reminder of their commitment than a wedding band is completely understandable. From Celtic style wedding bands to totally un-ring-like designs, wedding ring tattoos have been inked in all different shapes and sizes.

Celebrity couples including Beyonce and Jay Z have helped usher wedding band tattoos into the public spotlight in recent years.

Whether you choose to get a tattoo under, or in place of those weddings rings, make sure it’s something you’ll like, cause remember, it’s forever.

These adorable Star Wars ring tattoos


The Death Star looks like a ring, and that light saber must belong to Darth Vader.

These two hearts


Sometimes simple designs make the biggest statements.

Superman and Wonder Woman ring tattoos


Such a fitting set of wedding tattoos. You be my Superman and I’ll be your Wonder Woman.

These awesome king and queen ring tattoos





King and queen symbols are among the most popular choices for couple tattoos, so it’s only fitting that these designs would be among the top choices for wedding band tattoos as well.

These adorable Mr. & Mrs. Pacman tattoos


It looks like Mr. Pacman finally caught up to his one true love. Cute and creative!

These intricate skull tattoos


Till death do us part. A fitting symbol of an eternal commitment if there ever was one.

These hands holding hearts wedding ring tattoos


These actually look like rings only with hearts placed where the stone usually goes. I’m assuming these are in place of wedding rings. Looks great!

These matching infinity symbols



Married bliss doesn’t always last forever. At least these tattoos will.

These lovely initials


At least I think these are initials. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.