35 Artistic Shamrock and Four-Leaf Clover Tattoos

Yes, there is a difference.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way; four-leaf clovers have absolutely zip, zilch, zero to do with St. Patricks day—besides the fact that most people mistakenly incorporate them into the holiday festivities. You probably feel dumb now right? It’s ok.

Four-leaf clovers and shamrocks are often lumped into the same category in terms of symbolism and meaning. Which only makes sense as they are essentially one in the same. While they both are synonymous with Ireland, the four-leaf clover is associated with exceptionally good luck, and all the other things (happiness, fortune, etc.) that are usually associated with having good luck. The reason four-leaf clovers are deemed lucky you ask? Well, they are rare, hard to find, and you’d be considered lucky to find anything that’s 1 in 10,000.

Shamrock tattoo meaning.

As you’re probably aware of, shamrocks are the unofficial emblem of Ireland, and all things Irish for that matter. Ireland owes its connection to the shamrock to the country’s patron saint, St. Patrick. Patrick used the shamrock and it’s three leaves to teach pagans about Christianity and the concept of the Holy Trinity—the father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Each leaf symbolizes separate entities that are all part of the supreme being.

In modern times, the shamrock is the universal symbol of luck, recognized by cultures all around the world.

So whether you’re hoping for good luck and fortune, or just looking to display a little Irish pride, here are 35 of the best examples of four-leaf clover and shamrock tattoos we could find.

This magical bluish four-leaf cover tattoo.

Blue four-leaf clover tattoo by Ana Abrahao

If you’re looking for something playful, then this magical design by Ana Abrahao definitely fits the bill. The brilliant mixture of blue and turquoise ink gives the piece a shimmering effect that looks as if it’s decorated with glitter.  (Photo: Ana Abrahao)

This Irish clover tattoo.

Irish clover tattoo by Cindy Vanschie

As Irish as clovers are, this is the only design on the list that actually incorporates the country’s colors. And it does so in a stylish and modern way, a far cry from the traditional neo traditional Irish ink you see in movies and the like. (Photo: Cindy Vanschie)

This geometric shamrock tattoo.

Geometric shamrock tattoo by Aline Wata

Geometric designs are always fun to look at. There’s something satisfying about straight lines and symmetry that make for a crisp and clean appearance. Geometric designs give off an undeniably modern vibe, which always manages to impress onlookers.  (Photo: Aline Wata)

This watercolor forearm piece.

Watercolor four leaf clover tattoo by Anna Yershova

The first of two similar watercolor designs on the list, this forearm piece features a bold brush stroke four-leaf clover done in black ink set against a melting pool of various colors. (Photo: Anna Yershova)

This rose.

Rose four leaf clover tattoo by Sakda Benmart

This floral design is as creative as it is unexpected. Commonly referred to as a “double exposure” tattoo in the industry, this design looks as if the artist took a photo of a rose and cut it out in the shape of a four-leaf clover.  (Photo: Sakda Benmart)

This black and grey ink four-leaf clover.

Black and grey ink clover by Patricia Fedrigo

Black and grey ink sure is beautiful. If you’re looking for something low-key and traditional, finding a talented artist with good shading skills can result it something simple, yet spectacular.  (Photo: Patricia Fedrigo)

These delicate wrist tattoos.

Delicate clover tattoos by Tattooist Doy

You could possibly call these clovers x-ray in nature due to their wispy appearance. In typical Doy fashion, these matching clover tattoos were executed with extraordinary style and vision. The perspective and detail were all carefully planned to realize the end result of perhaps the most intricate and awe-inspiring design on the list. (Photo: Doy)

This watercolor clover.

Watercolor clover tattoo by Skooma

For reasons you can probably imagine, this design reminds us of a bar of Irish Spring soap—or the box at least. All watercolor designs are supposed to mimic the appearance of heavily watered down paint, but this design has a unique style to it that looks extra wet, if that makes any sense. (Photo: Skooma)

This dotwork shamrock.

Dotwork shamrock tattoo by Aline Wata

If you’ll notice one thing about Aline’s shamrock designs, it’s that she tends to use the same colors. We’re not complaining though. The combinations of purples, blues, and turquoise ink makes for a rather harmonious palette that comes together beautifully in her dotwork application.  (Photo: Aline Wata)

These family clover tattoos.

Matching clover tattoos by Tiago Oliveira

Whether you’re an Irish family or you’ve just had a few too many beers with good friends, four-leaf clover tattoos are a popular theme which you’re likely to cherish for as long as you live. Happiness, wealth, and good luck? Yes please.  (Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

This amazing dotwork mandala design.

Dotwork mandala clover tattoo by Sasha Masiuk

(Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

This epic punch out.

Punched four leaf clover tattoo by Unlimited Ink

(Photo: Unlimited Ink)

This triangle design.

Triangular four lear clover design by Severov Roma

(Photo: Severov Roma)

This stylish black ink clover.

Stylish black ink clover by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

(Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This colorful watercolor work.

Watercolor clover tattoo by Ewa Sroka

(Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This painted shamrock.

Painted shamrock tattoo by Estela Vukadin

(Photo: Estela Vukadin)

This realistic clover tattoo.

Realistic clover tattoo by Josh Herrera

(Photo: Josh Herrera)

This minimalistic four-leaf clover tattoo.

Minimalistic four-leaf clover tattoo by Gabriela Dassio

(Photo: Gabriela Dassio)

This shamrock foot piece.

Shamrock foot piece by Zhenya Sotnikova

(Photo: Zhenya Sotnikova)

This tiny back neck tat.

Tiny shamrock tattoo via Maike

(Photo: Maike)

These three and four-leaf clovers.

Three and four-leaf clovers by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

This geometric design.

Geometric shamrock tattoo by Sarah Arnold

(Photo: Sarah Arnold)

This calf design.

Shamrock tattoo by Marcante Tattoo

(Photo: Marcante Tattoo)

This wrist tat.

Four leaf clover tattoo by Le Bocal

(Photo: Le Bocal)

This sketched four-leaf clover.

Sketched four-leaf clover by Julian Magossi

(Photo: Julian Magossi)

This tiny finger tat.

Tiny four leaf clover tattoo on finger by Chaewa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

These hearts.

Heart shamrock tattoo by Kris Marley

(Photo: Kris Marley)

This dotwork four-leaf clover.

Dotwork four-leaf clover by Zhang Yun

(Photo: Zhang Yun)

This watercolor chest piece.

Watercolor four leaf clover tattoo by Adrian Bascur

(Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This realistic black and grey ink clover.

Realistic black and grey ink clover by Tattooist Doy

(Photo: Doy)

These dynamic clovers.

Dynamic four leaf clovers by Dom Wiley

(Photo: Dom Wiley)

These sketched edges.

Four leaf clover with sketched edges by Anton

(Photo: Anton)

These matching wrist tats.

Matching clover wrist tattoos by Nando Bazaga

(Photo: Nando Bazaga)

This abstract watercolor design.

Watercolor four leaf clover by Baris Yesilbas

(Photo: Baris Yesilbas)


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