60 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos for BFFs

Taking friendships to the next level.

These cute little fern tattoos.

Matching baby fern tattoos by Jordan Kay

(Photo: Jordan Kay)

These awesome arrows.

Matching arrow tattoos by Kala

(Photo: Kala)

These matching Harry Potter glasses.

Matching Harry Potter glasses by Carly Mason

(Photo: Carly Mason)

These books.

Best friend book tattoos by Gabbi Greco

(Photo: Gabbi Greco)

Tiny hearts.

Matching tiny hearts via Janell

(Photo: Janell)

These best friend arrow tattoos.

Best friend arrow tattoos by Leslie

(Photo: Leslie)

These matching moka pots.

Matching moka pots by Matteo Nangeroni

(Photo: Matteo Nangeroni)

This tasteful ankle arrows.

Matching ankle arrow tattoos by via Carol Rossetti

(Photo: Carol Rossetti)

These hearted pinky promises.

Matching hearted pinky promise tattoos by Mini Lau

(Photo: Mini Lau)

These radical text tats.

Best friend text tattoos by Rebecca Fedun

(Photo: Rebecca Fedun)