40 Men’s Tattoos That Are Anything But Basic


I know you’ve all been waiting for a new men’s list to drop, so here it is. I’ve searched high and low, edited and re-edited to give you the best of what’s been floating around lately. From massive murals to creative and original new works that fit right in the palm of your hand, this list of 40 tattoo designs will keep you up all night planning your next piece. Scroll, share, and save. But don’t bail early ’cause you know I always save the best for last.

This Japanese chest piece.

by Shao

(Photo: Shao)

Even if you don’t have Japanese blood coursing through your veins, the temptation to get this exact same chest piece is still there. Like a scene from Memoirs of a Geisha, this extraordinary illustration owes much of its luster to a savvy layout and wonderful composition.

This man.

by Pawel Indulski

(Photo: Pawel Indulski)

Pawel Indulski is perhaps the best tattooist of our time. His work is clean, creative, and visionary. I’ve been looking at tattoos most of my day for the past 6 years (so I’m fairly familiar with who and what’s out there), and if I could get tatted by anyone today, it would be Pawel. That’s how good he is.


by Kozo

(Photo: Kozo)

Guardians of the Galaxy has been out for a while now yet you still don’t come across too many tattoos related to the franchise. Maybe I’m just not giving it enough time, but still it’s a pleasure to see them pop up from time to time. This little Groot tattoo is quality, and I hope to see many more just like it in the future.

This secret.

by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

There’s something about this telling gesture that just breeds intrigue and innuendo. And this high contrast design adds just the right amount of style to give this design tons of aesthetic appeal. Designs like the one above are what makes filling in sleeves so much fun.


by Pawel Indulski

(Photo: Pawel Indulski)

Pawel Indulski has a way of making even the best tattooists of our time look mediocre. No matter what the subject matter may be, you can always count on him executing it with precision and style.

These portraits.

by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

Even though Bang Bang is a collaboration of many different artists, you can’t help but notice the influence artists working under the same roof have on one another. This piece was no doubt inspired by the work on Balazs Bercsenyi’s back, which is one of my favorite pieces of all time. Oscar has since left Bang Bang.

This ship.

by Darwin Enriquez

(Photo: Darwin Enriquez)

I like to think that tattoos like the one above were everywhere in Port Royal during the 1600’s. But from what I’ve read, tattoos weren’t all that common among pirates of the time.

These movie scenes.

Movie scenes by Inal Bersekov

(Photo: Inal Bersekov)

If you haven’t already seen the movie Drive, you’re in for a treat. It’s hard to pin point exactly what makes the film so appealing but one way to put it would be to say that it has tons of style. So much style in fact that this individual thought fit to blast a few stills from the film onto his forearm.

This cosmic creation.

A cosmic creation by Kozo

(Photo: Kozo)

This tattoo reminds me of what us city dwellers give up on a nightly basis. In big cities, you’re lucky to see one or two stars on a clear night. But in more rural locations, you’re treated to magnificent star-filled skies that can seem like the picture above. Kozo has done a few of these cosmic masterpieces but this is by far the best.

These brothers.

Blues Brothers tattoo by Kozo

(Photo: Kozo)

If you’re too young to remember the Blues Brothers then I feel sorry for you. Well, not really since you have your whole life in front of you but you really should check it out it’s good for a few laughs no matter how old you are.