61 Beautiful Origami Inspired Tattoo Designs

The art of folding paper.

61 Beautiful Origami Inspired Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

Origami is an art form that rarely gets the recognition it deserves. While its origins are some what murky, we’re pretty sure the term “origami” originated in Japan during the 6th century when Buddhist monks introduced paper to the country. It’s common belief that various individual paper folding techniques were all swept into one category which we now know as origami.

We’ve all dabbled in the ancient art of paper folding at one point in time or another. Mostly paper airplanes during math class, love letters that needed to be properly concealed, or maybe even an origami crane if you had the patience and know how.

Nowadays just about anything you can dream up can be created using origami. Even tattoos in a sense. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best examples of origami tattoos from around the world. Enjoy!

This gorgeous crane on back shoulder.

Origami crane by Sasha Unisex

(Photo: Sasha Unisex)

This colorful llama on thigh.

Origami llama by Acidous

(Photo: Acidous)

This elegant floral piece.

Floral origami crane by Jess Ika

(Photo: Jess Ika)

These red to blue origami bows.

Origami bows by Wildcat Ink

(Photo: Wildcat Ink)

This colorful watercolor elephant.

Colorful watercolor elephant by Resul Odabaş

(Photo: Resul Odabaş)

This tiny paper hat.

Tiny paper hat by Izzet Abatlev

(Photo: Izzet Abatlev)

This minimalistic elephant on neck.

Small minimalistic elephant on neck by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This bird perched on a flower.

Bird on flower by Pis Saro

(Photo: Pis Saro)

This dotwork origami bird.

Dotwork origami bird by Flo Nuttall

(Photo: Flo Nuttall)

This segmented dotwork design.

Segmented paper crane by Eric

(Photo: Eric)