100+ Most Captivating Tattoo Ideas for Women with Creative Minds

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Shoot, tell everyone. Due to popular request, the good folks at TattooBlend (me) have given into the overwhelming flurry of requests (four to be exact) for a female version of our hit “60 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Men with Creative Minds” post. And this time we’ve upped the gallery to over 100 tattoo designs for women to ensure that no one no where is left wanting.

If you’re in the same boat as every other women currently contemplating whether to get a tattoo or not, then you came to the right place, ’cause after you’ve finished scrolling through this gallery you’ll be Yelping local tattoo shops so hard your tea will get cold.

Usually we create our lists on the fly, in the time span of just a few days, but this article has been brewing for some time now. Over the last two months, we’ve collected designs and curated this list very carefully to bring you only the best examples of meticulously executed and photographed tattoo designs from our favorite Instagram artists. Here’s our new and exciting guide to tattoos for women, so you can get inspired, motivated, and unleash that creative mind!

This earth and space hourglass tattoo.

Earth and space hourglass by Fatih Odabas

The watercolor technique is one of the most popular trends in the industry—as it has been for a while, and is still as popular as ever. There are plenty of amazing watercolor tattoo artists out there but if we had to choose a few of the best, Fatih would definitely be on that list. While his work may not be as opulent as other watercolor artists, Fatih uses the watercolor style to fill his work in a more subdued and traditional translucent manner. This stunning earth and space hourglass is one of his more vibrant designs.  (Photo: Fatih Odabaş)

This watercolor camera.

Watercolor camera by Felipe Mello

For every creative mind there is a camera…like this one…just waiting to get tattooed. This vintage camera was illustrated using soft, sketch style lines that give the piece a playful vibe. Inside the lens lies a magical bokeh effect, blurring colors to create a wonderful focal point framed by the black and grey ink camera body.  (Photo: Felipe Mello)

This magical lotus flower.

Magical lotus flower by Katie Shocrylas

If you’re a fan of mandala and looking for something colorful then this design is definitely something to build on. Towards the bottom you’ll notice a black ink section of pattern that looks a lot like the keys on a piano. The thin beaded strings and dangling stones add a certain level of elegance to the mix that makes this design an instant conversation piece.  (Photo: Katie Shocrylas)

This ornate compass tattoo.

Ornate compass tattoo by Fanny

The engraving work on this compass is, well, nothing short of spectacular. The recessed face of the dial is illustrated using a cleverly shaded section of negative space. If compass tattoos are your thing, don’t forget to check out our popular compass tattoo list we published last year.  (Photo: Fanny)

This cosmic stag.

Cosmic space tattoo by Koray Karagozler

Currently space, cosmic, or galaxy fill, depending on what you want to call it, is all the rage. In fact, when we were putting this list together there were so many of these type of designs we had to make the tough decision to cut some pretty awesome designs for the sake of variety.  (Photo: Koray Karagozler)

This abstract dreamcatcher.

Abstract dreamcatcher tattoo by Tayfun Bezgin

While we just got done saying how we hate featuring a large amount of similar designs on the same list, we’re embarrassed to admit that there are more than a few dreamcatcher tattoos on this list. That’s just the way it turned out. And be glad, because this abstract, wind-blown dreamcatcher pictured above is just the tip of the iceberg.   (Photo: Tayfun Bezgin)

This lotus flower.

Lotus flower mobile by Ana Abrahao

So roses are the most popular floral tattoo, but the lotus flower claims the top spot when it comes to mandala-infused designs, which, in the tattoo world, is actually a pretty popular thing. In this case, Brazilian tattoo artist Ana Abrahao has added her own unique touch to things with the addition of sporadic watercolor drizzles and dangling jewelry accents.   (Photo: Ana Abrahao)

This unbelievable elephant tattoo.

Awesome elephant tattoo by Anna Yershova

From the expertly shaded black and grey ink portion of the elephant to the remarkable geometric and watercolor side, this design boasts the best in skill of both worlds while managing to compliment each other in a way that only the most scrupulous of colorists could have accomplished. If you’re looking for a statement piece then take notes because it doesn’t get much better than this.  (Photo: Anna Yershova)

This gorgeous gradient line.

Gorgeous gradient line tattoo by IDA

Here we have one of the most complex minimalist tattoo designs you’ll ever see—if that makes sense. The design itself looks simple enough but when you think about what went into blending those colors together so perfectly the design becomes anything but.  (Photo: IDA)

This iridescent mandala flower.

Iridescent mandala flower by David

(Photo: David)