35 Unbelievable Cat Tattoos That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Thoroughly Impressed

We successfully avoided using the cliche 'Purrfect' in the title. You're welcome.

35 Unbelievable Cat Tattoos That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Thoroughly Impressed | TattooBlend

Cats are considered part of the family to most people so it’s only fitting that many proud owners get their adored furry friends immortalized in ink as an everlasting reminder of their love, loyalty, and companionship.

As a dog person, writing an article about cats proved a little difficult. Never being immersed in the cat world, I wasn’t aware of how many different breeds there were and how similar some of them looked in comparison with each other. So please help me out, if you see any errors don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Enjoy!

 This cat with white fur.

Cat with white fur tattoo by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This mesmerizing black ink piece.

Black Ink Cat Tattoo

It doesn’t get much better than this. This striking blue-eyed cat has a wonderful sheen added to it’s fur with a touch a grey and white ink. (Photo: Michele Agostini)

This contemplating kitty.

Contemplating Kitty by Lawrence Edwards

(Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This galactic kitty.

Galactic Cat Tattoo

Ewa always get’s super creative with her tattoos. If you haven’t checked out her work before, make sure to check out her Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed. (Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This string walker.

Cat on Tightrope by Ilya Brezinski

(Photo: Ilya Brezinski)

Linework feline.

Geometric Linework Tattoo

One of my personal favorites, this fantastic geometric linework piece has an almost mesmerizing effect to it.  (Photo: Susanne König)

This black and grey ink work.

Cat Tattoo by Jonas Lima

(Photo: Jonas Lima)

This adorable kitten.

Adorable Kitten Tattoo

If there’s anything cuter than a cat with a bow tie, I’ve yet to see it. Michelle is known for her girly girl tattoos and if you’re in the market for something kawaii and are in the Edinburgh area, stop by for a consultation. (Photo: Michelle Maddison)

These green eyes.

Geometric Cat Tattoo

Absolutely love this grey ink work. It really goes well with the green eyes. An all around spectacular piece from top to bottom. (Photo: Kamil Moot)

This spectacular surrealism piece.

Surreal Cat by David Cote

(Photo: David Cote)

This sakura-infused outline.

Cherry Blossom-Infused Cat Tattoo by Erdi Can Eker

(Photo: Eri Can Eker)