70 Sensational State of Texas Tattoos

These flowers

State of Texas flower tattoos

The Yellow Rose and Bluebonnet sure are popular flowers in the great state of Texas.

This made in Texas tat

State of Texas Tattoo

Photo | East Side

This Dallas skyline

Dallas State of Texas Tattoo

A silhouette of the Dallas skyline sits in the foreground while the state flag flutters in the background.

This colorful Texas tat

Beautiful State of Texas Tattoo

This cannon tattoo

State of Texas Alamo Tattoo

Remember the Alamo. At least I think that’s what the cannon is suppose to symbolize. (Photo: Ink Injection)

This beautiful sunset

Gorgeous State of Texas Tattoo

Everything about this tattoo just oozes Texas.

This blacked out tat

All Black Texas Tattoo

Photo | Elite Tattoo

This bicep tattoo

Texas Pride Tattoo

The font’s a little tough to read but the color scheme of the whole piece looks fantastic.

This little red star

Red Star State of Texas Tattoo

Photo | Shaman

This freshly inked tattoo has a red star to mark home.

This howling wolf

Wolf State of Texas Tattoo

This tattoo features a beautiful scene of a wolf howling at the moon.