70 Sensational State of Texas Tattoos

This homestead tattoo

West State of California Tattoo

Photo | Abe Avila

Another awesome Texas vista. These scenic tattoos are quickly becoming my favorites.

This mystery wrapped in an enigma

Crazy State of Texas Tattoo

If I could figure out what’s going on here I might be able to appreciate this tattoo a little more.

These Texas flag tattoos

State of Texas Tattoo Design

Photo | Thomas Page

State of Texas Tattoo Design

Photo | Design Masters

This throwback Astros tattoo

State of Texas Astros Tattoo

Why did they have to go and change the logo!

Don’t mess with Texas

Don't mess with Texas Tattoo

Photo | Pinnacle

You would think that we would see more tattoos sporting this phrase, but nope.

This tribute tattoo

Texas State tattoo pride

Showing some state pride while remembering those lost.

This amazing scene

The Best State of Texas Tattoo Ever

Photo | Death or Glory


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