25 Perfectly Cute Panda Tattoos

Spoiler alert: baby pandas inside.

Panda Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Panda’s are about as cute as cute can be. But don’t let their cuddly looks and adorable Youtube videos fool you. Panda’s are bears, and ferocious ones at that. Technically there are two different types of pandas; the red panda and the giant panda. While both pandas are equally adorable, the giant panda—think Kung Fu Panda—gets all the publicity and therefore most of the ink time. There are a few excellent examples of red panda tattoos out there, but unfortunately none made their way into this article.

From tiny foot tattoos to large grandiose watercolor works, panda tattoos are a surprisingly popular tattoo choice. Here are some of our favorite panda tattoo designs from across the web.

This heart-shaped hand gesture.

Awesome Panda Tattoo by Anna Yeshova

This time it’s our favorite piece first. This amusing panda somberly throws up an adorable heart shape with the dexterity of a human. Pandas do in fact have opposable thumbs, all they need to pull this off is possibly a little guidance and a slightly bigger brain. (Photo: Anna Yershova)

These awesome mountains.

Panda Tattoo by IDA

Insanely awesome? Check. (Photo: IDA)

This negative space piece.

Negative Space Panda Tattoo Design

Negative space tattoos. A new trend that’s spreading like wildfire throughout the industry. This panda shape is filled in with a wonderful surreal night sky boasting brilliant oranges and soft purple tones. (Photo: Faith Odabas)

This low poly panda piece.

Geometric Panda Tattoo Design by Sven Rayen

In case you haven’t heard, Sven Rayen is the king of low poly. And in case you don’t know what low poly is, Google it. Just kidding. But it’s basically what you see in the photo above—polygons used to create three dimensional shapes. It’s used to render computer graphics/animations, etc., and happens to make for some pretty interesting designs. (Photo: Sven Rayen)

This watercolor sketch.

Watercolor Panda Tattoo by Szabi

Sketch style meets watercolor fill with this almost abstract prickly-bearded panda tattoo. The squiggly line on the panda’s forehead, awesome. (Photo: Szabi)

This adorable panda hanging from a bamboo branch.

Panda Tattoo by Donna

Someone’s having fun. A panda’s diet consists almost entirely of bamboo leaves and stalks. However, panda’s are known to occasionally chow down on other plants and even sometimes meat. Due to the incredibly low nutrient value of bamboo, panda’s have to eat night and day to consume the necessary 20-30kg of bamboo it takes to maintain their body weight. (Photo: Donna)

This dotwork design.

Dotwork Panda Tattoo Design by Eva

Here we have a large panda walking through a bamboo forest. The artist, Eva, is known for her breathtaking miniature tattoos packed full of detail and wonderment. (Photo: Eva)

This cute baby panda.

Baby Panda Tattoo

This little guy/gal is definitely in the running for the cutest panda on the list. With it’s tiny little nose and adorable outward facing feet, this tattoo surely get’s its fair share of “aww’s.” (Photo: Instagram)

This watercolor chest piece.

Watercolor Panda Tattoo by Alana Forsyth

This artistic piece displays just how beautiful black and grey watercolor works can be. No doubt one of the larger panda tattoos in existence, this piece has a playful look to it despite those razor-sharp teeth. (Photo: Alana Forsyth)

This WWF logo.

WWF Panda Logo Tattoo by Gabrielle Brownfield

The famous World Wildlife Fund logo. This adored logo came to be in honor of the giant panda Chi-Chi of the London Zoo. In 1961, one of the founding members of the WWF, Sir Peter Scott, chose this logo for it’s representation of an endangered species as well as it’s ability to save the foundation money on printing costs. The familiar black and white logo has come to represent wildlife conservation across the globe while inspiring a few tattoos along the way. (Photo: Gabrielle Brownfield)

This well-dressed panda.

Panda Tattoo Design by Amy Shapiro

A beautifully drawn panda wearing a red bow tie. How proper. (Photo: Amy Shapiro)

This hanging panda.

Hanging Panda Tattoo by Girth Brookes

Pandas are naturally good climbers and spend a lot of their time hanging around in trees munching on bamboo, but every once in a while, this happens(Photo: Girth Brookes)