70 Sensational State of Texas Tattoos

Ah Texas. Where everything’s bigger, cowboy hats are perpetually in style, Dr. Pepper was born, and people actually ride horses to work.

Solely based on my love for Dr. Pepper, I’d say that Texas is one hell of a state.

When it comes to showing state pride, Texans are anything but subtle about it. For example…

This rippling Texan flag

Flag State of Texas Tattoo

This tattoo features the bare bones of an English Longhorn with the state flag fluttering in the background. (Photo: Wicked Ways)

 This lovely little arm piece

Cute Female State of Texas Tattoo This tiny symbol of Texas pride looks like the logo for a restaurant.

This tiny foot tattoo

Tiny State of Texas Tattoo on Foot

They say things in Texas are bigger but that’s definitely not the case here. This artistic little foot tattoo looks like it should be the logo for something. (Photo: Shrie Bradford)

This state-shaped piece

Creative State of Texas Tattoo

Here we have the words T-E-X-A-S laid out in the shape of the state. Bold outlines and dark shading add to the detail of the piece.

This Texas-is-home tattoo

Texas is home tattoo

Home is where the heart is. This design where the state’s outline takes a detour to spell out the word “home” has been applied to almost every state tattoo out there.

This firecracker popsicle design

Patriotic State of Texas Tattoo

This design reminds you of those Firecracker popsicles you use to get from the ice cream man as a kid, only the colors are reversed. However it’s more likely that this person chose the colors to represent Texas’s state flag instead, which also happens to be the same colors as the U.S. flag.

This double arm tribute

Forearm State of Texas Tattoo

Someone really loves their state. One arm T-E-X-A-S, the other, an outline of the state.