70 Sensational State of Texas Tattoos

This colorful 3D State of Texas tattoo

Beautiful State of Texas Tattoo

Another gorgeous piece incorporating the yellow rose and bluebonnet flower into the design.

This plain outline

Plain outline State of Texas Tattoo

Goes to show how beautiful a simple outline can be.

This lone star tattoo

Beautiful Texas Pride Tattoo

A cutout image of the Texas State flag along with a lone star, because Texas is the “The Lone Star State” after all.

This state-shaped vista

State of Texas Vista Tattoo

Photo | Sailor’s Grave

Cattle skulls and starry skies.

This great State of Texas tattoo

Great State of Texas Tattoo

If you were to go into a tattoo parlor in Texas and ask for “Something nice”, this is what you would get.

This epic back piece

Full Back State of Texas Tattoo

The quality and scale of this full back mural is top notch to say the least.

This mini ankle tattoo

Tiny State of Texas Tattoo

With just a touch of red.

This paisley piece

Paisley State of Texas Tattoo

Photo | Lucky in Love

It’s always nice to see unique designs. This state has it’s borders filled in with colorful paisley patterns that give it a wonderful feminine touch.

These horns

State of Texas Skyline tattoo

This Texas-made tat features a hand throwing up “the horns” and a city skyline in the background.

This large back piece

Full Back State of Texas Tattoo

Beautiful. I would be constantly tempted to fill this in.