40 Perfect Tattoos of Everyday Objects

Guys, these tattoos are wicked cool.

Some of the coolest, quirkiest, and most fascinating tattoo designs are of everyday objects done in the photorealism genre. Not too long ago, photorealism tattoo designs were virtually unheard of. These days we’re seeing some unbelievable examples, which are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. These designs are executed with slim single needles—which allow for an incredible amount of detail. If you’re not exactly sure what I’m referring to, below are 40 examples of hyperrealism tattoo art that you’ll no doubt be impressed with.

This guitar pick.

by Hector Daniels

(Photo: Hector Daniels)

If you’re a guitar player, this tattoo probably just made all of your other tattoos jealous.

This chair.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

While no doubt fancy and expensive, I have to say this chair looks far from comfortable.

This Porsche.

by Jefree

(Photo: Jefree)

Every once in a while an amazing tattoo comes along that’s so perfect that it literally takes your breath away. This is one of those tattoos. Old meets new in this reflection of past and present. This tattoo is any Porsche enthusiast’s dream.

This hair piece.

Via Baby Bliss

(Photo: BabyBliss)

If there’s a better way to express your love and admiration for Madonna, I’d sure like to see it. Oh look, this isn’t even a tattoo ;).

This leaf.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

Well, if you’re going to get a random leaf tattooed into your skin, this is definitely how you do it. As you’ll soon notice, Doy is the undisputed authority when it comes to inking hyperrealism objects of any sort.

This heart-shaped Band-Aid.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

How many times this heart-shaped Band-Aid tattoo has been mistaken for the real thing will never be known. It’s these type of quirky and cool designs that have made Doy such an interesting artist to follow.

This Glock.

by Youyeon

(Photo: Youyeon)

When it comes to gun tattoos, I consider them art and ignore the politics. And as far as art is concerned, it doesn’t get much more impressive than this meticulously laid out little Glock. As if photorealism tattoos weren’t hard enough to pull off on their own, when you get into miniatures things get taken to a completely different level.

This gemstone.

by Casper

(Photo: Casper)

Over the years I’ve posted some pretty spectacular hyperrealism gemstone designs. However, few, if any, have been able to replicate the realistic depiction of light entering the stone as well the example above. Whether it’s a diamond, ruby, topaz. or opal, this round cut stone is beyond perfection.

This cocktail.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold cocktail on a hot summer day served in a fancy wine glass. Capturing the natural reflections of glass and ice is exceedingly difficult from an illustrative standpoint, and being able to pull it off on this level is something to celebrate.

This guitar.

by Zlata Kolomoyskaya

(Photo: Zlata Kolomoyskaya)

Zlata just kills it when it comes to creating unique and wonderful works of art. I only discovered her work within the last year but she’s definitely one of the best in the business.