70 Sensational State of Texas Tattoos

Another paisley design

Vibrant State of California Tattoo

These paisley patterns are a tad bit more vibrant than what we saw on the earlier example. They both look great though.

This rose design

State of Texas flower tat

An intricate back shoulder piece with a boat load of roses.

This official looking grey-ink piece

Texas State Seal Tattoo

Here we have the official state seal of Texas worked into the state lines. And for the first time, we can see some of the islands!

This pectoral piece

Made in Texas Tattoo

If you look closely you can see a faded lone star.

This State of Texas white ink tattoo

White Ink Texas Tattoo

The only one of it’s kind, that we’re aware of.

This Texas flag

Awesome State of Texas Tattoo


This flag bordered in barbed wire

State of Texas Tattoo

No, barbed wire wasn’t invented in Texas, it was actually invented in Illinois, but i’d bet money that Texas probably uses the most of it.

This scalp tattoo

State of Texas Tattoo on Head

This must have been painful.

These yellow rose tattoos

Texas Yellow Rose Tattoo

State of Texas Yellow Rose Tattoo

State of Texas Tattoo

Yellow Rose State of Texas Tattoo