70 Sensational State of Texas Tattoos

This impossible shape.

Awesome State of Texas Tattoo Design

(Photo: Jason Call)

This Texas made tattoo

State of Texas Tattoo

Two different font styles over the State of Texas.

This little hip tattoo

Small State of Texas Tattoo

Gradient shading always looks great. This tattoo has a small heart most likely marking the owners home town.

Cracking skin

3D State of Texas Tattoo

The state flag appears to be breaking through the skin in this three dimensional elbow tattoo.

This simple ankle tattoo

State of Texas Tattoo on Ankle

Another tattoo marking the owners hometown.

This musical Texas tattoo

Musical State of Texas Tattoo

Musical notes and a rose.

This inconspicuous behind the ear tattoo

Adorable State of Texas Tattoo

A little reminder of where you’re from.

This whimsical design

Beautiful State of Texas Tattoo

Subtle shading and plant-like patterns fill the interior of this design.

This back piece complete with flowers

Bluebonnet State of Texas Tattoo

The State of Texas flanked by the state flower, the Bluebonnet, and a yellow rose, representing popular folk song The Yellow Rose of Texas.

This duck hunters tattoo

State of Texas Duck Tattoo

Photo | Ricky Garza

Showing how much Texans love their duck hunting. Quack quack.