30 Cosmic Constellation Tattoos Straight From The Sky

Constellation education ✨.

30 Cosmic Constellation Tattoos Straight From The Sky | TattooBlend

If you stare up into the night’s sky the first thing you’ll see are the stars. Well, if you live in or around a major metropolis then you’ll be lucky if you can even make out the moon, but in more rural and less polluted areas, the stars can put on a pretty spectacular show.

Over the millennia, stars have proved to be as mysterious as they are beautiful. Some 3000 years ago, astronomers noticed that certain stars kept their positions in the sky. These arrangements were then grouped into constellations. Today some 88 different constellations are recognized.

While many constellations are named after animals and humans, 29 are categorized as inanimate objects.

20 years ago, single star tattoos were a popular design choice. In fact, tattoo shops usually have a fairly large section in their design books dedicated to stars. However, today constellation tattoos are as popular if not perhaps even more so than single star designs.

Here are thirty beautiful examples of constellation tattoos. Enjoy!

 These little leaves.

Leafy Constellation by Graffittoo

(Photo: Graffittoo)

This cute constellation.

Tiny Constellation by Joice Wang

(Photo: Joice Wang)

This colorful Cancer constellation.

Cancer Constellation on Ankle by Banul

(Photo: Banul)

These matching floral constellations.

Matching floral constellation tattoos by Xina

(Photo: Xina)

This Aquarius constellation.

Aquarius constellation by Patrick Macdonald

(Photo: Patrick MacDonald)

This Taurus constellation emerging from a book.

Taurus constellation by Mike Vlad

(Photo: Mike Vlad)

This back neck constellation tattoo.

Back Neck Constellation Tattoo by ch11388

(Photo: ch11388)

This charming wrist work.

Charming Constellation on Wrist by Flower

(Photo: Flower)


Pisces constellation by Banul

(Photo: Banul)

This vintage back piece.

Constellation wishbone tattoo on back by Annita Maslov

(Photo: Annita Maslov)

This creative constellation.

Creative Constellation Tattoo by Resul Odabas

(Photo: Resul Odabas)