50 Gorgeous Tattoo Designs You’ll Desperately Desire

There’s nothing like a collection of gorgeous tattoo designs to convince you that a little ink is in your immediate future.

This floral bouquet with butterflies.

A floral bouquet with butterflies by Donghwa

(Photo: Donghwa)

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about a design this beautiful. With the skills and techniques that artists possess these days, even designs as seemingly simple as a bouquet of flowers and a few butterflies are now objects of immense desire.

This statue.

A statue by Pawel Indulski

(Photo: Pawel Indulski)

Pawel Indulski is arguably the best tattoo artist who has ever lived from purely a technical standpoint. His work transcends mediums and qualifies as what most would consider fine art.

This tiger.

A tiger by Youyeon

(Photo: Youyeon)

You would think that it would take a serious tiger lover to go out and get a tattoo of one. But as someone who looks at tattoo designs all day I can tell you that that’s definitely not the case. Tiger tattoos are a popular design concept—which of course has nothing to do with their beautiful striped coats.

This floral wreath.

A floral wreath by Banul

(Photo: Banul)

If you’re a frequent reader or pay any attention to current design trends then you’ll know that floral wreaths are where it’s at. So if your artist has an even halfway decent floral game, having him or her draw you up a floral wreath like the one above is something you may want to consider.

A floral heart.

A floral heart by Alessandro Capozzi

(Photo: Alessandro Capozzi)

Using florals to create double exposure designs is a popular design concept that often produces mesmerizing results. This particular example varies slightly from the norm with less defined edges.

This fan.

A fan by Ann

(Photo: Ann)

Would it be too cheesy if I said I was a huge fan of this design? Fans are not even remotely popular as far as design concepts go in the tattoo industry, but after seeing this gorgeous representation, it leaves you wondering why? This example just goes to show how no matter what your design idea may be it can look great

This iris.

An iris by Anna Botyk

(Photo: Anna Botyk)

The iris is a beautiful flower that doesn’t get anywhere near the ink time that it deserves. Far outdoing the previous rose tattoo this woman had done, this large floral design is as elegant as it is beautiful.

This cat photo.

A cat photo by Zlata Kolomoyskaya

(Photo: Zlata Kolomoyskaya)

Zlata creates these wonderful hyper-realistic representations of black and white photographs that have to be seen to be believed. What better way to capture a memory than to get one of your favorite snaps inked into your skin for eternity. Zlata’s Instagram is full of unbelievable works of art that you’ll want to check out if you haven’t already.

This colorful triangle.

by Haeny

(Photo: Haeny)

Some tattoos are cooler than others. And while color gradients have been getting all the attention as of late, this design doesn’t quite fall into that category. A wonderful blend of color is all that needs to be said about this tasty creation.

These gradient leaves.

Gradient leaves by ZIhee

(Photo: Zihee)

Leaves alone make for eye-catching tattoo designs. Zihee has penchant for all things botanical and whenever she creates one of leaf-heavy designs it serves as an excellent example of just how beautiful nature’s more simplistic creations can be.