100+ Tattoo Designs Women Just Can’t Resist

As if life wasn't already hard enough.

100+ Tattoo Designs Women Just Can't Resist

In today’s episode of “Have-to-have tattoos,” we feature Amber Rose’s new Tinseltown tat, oodles of floral tattoos, and the most stunning stack of books you’ll ever see.

In celebration of spring, which will soon be upon us, we’ve rounded up over 100 glorious tattoo designs that no woman looking to get inked this year will be able to resist. And by this, we mean these tattoos are so good that if you’re the spontaneous type, or particularly weak-willed, you might want to turn your phone off or click the red x in the upper left hand corner if running out to get a tattoo later today isn’t an option for you.

This geometric beaut.

Geometric pattern by April Ramirez

Taking a page from a fellow artist’s book, April creates a beautiful tribute to Matteo Nangeroni’s geometric masterpiece with this colorful impossible pattern.  (Photo: April Ramirez)

This back shoulder bird.

Back shoulder bird tattoo by Banul

What better way to kick off spring then with a tattoo of a songbird delivering a small bouquet of spring flowers. If you regularly read our lists, then you’ll know just how big of a fan we are of South Korean tattoo artist Banul’s work. Her delicate non traditional style is perfect for women looking for something stylish with a feminine vibe.  (Photo: Banul)

This botanical creation.

Botanical arm piece by G.NO

From above the ground to below, this creative sleeve showcases Mother Nature’s beauty in a most unexpected way. A welcome deviation from the typical sleeve, this design features a clever empty space divide to separate the flowers from the roots below. The bold horizontal lines act as boundaries while adding a degree of contrast to the entire composition.  (Photo: G.NO)

This elegant floral compass.

Elegant floral compass tattoo by Mini Lau

The nautical compass is one of those tattoo designs that people can never seem to get enough of. People have been getting compass tattoos for as long as the art of tattooing has existed in western culture. The compass has a romantic and timeless appeal to it that makes it popular among both men and women alike.  (Photo: Mini Lau)

This vivid floral heart.

Vivid floral heart tattoo by Zihee

If you’re looking for a good cover-up design, your search may have just ended here. Freshly inked and full of bright colors, this vivid heart looks almost too good to be a tattoo. Dark colors and a solid fill makes this design a great option for those looking for suitable cover-up ideas.  (Photo: Zihee)

This lisianthus rib cage piece.

Lisianthus by Banul

Here we have another prime example of just how splendid Banul’s florals skill are. With watercolor accents and an inspiring use of negative space, each and every one of her designs whisk you away to a far off place where everything smells of perfume and honey.  (Photo: Banul)

This vintage floral back piece.

Vintage floral back piece by Esther Garcia

If this doesn’t remind you of a still life oil painting, then your life may be seriously lacking in the culture department. With the immense popularity of brightly colored watercolor florals and black and grey ink dotwork designs, this elegant floral composition is truly a breath of fresh air.  (Photo: Esther Garcia)

This dahlia thigh piece.

Dahila flowers on thigh by Tattooist Flower

“Florals for spring, not exactly groundbreaking,” said Miranda Priestly. While we attend to agree with her, tattoos are forever, and we’re pretty sure no one really cares—especially when they look like this.  (Photo: Tattooist Flower)

This magical seashell.

Seashell tattoo by Ana Abrahao

Possibly the cutest and most fascinating tattoo on the list, this tiny seashell is jam-packed full of rich texture and harmonious color. Ana’s unique and original style is something not easily replicated. So if you’re just dying to have her work on your skin, then you’ll need to catch her on tour or hop on the next flight to Brazil.  (Photo: Ana Abrahao)

This circular floral design.

Circular floral tattoo by Eva Krbdk

Here we have another beautiful and original design that appears to be a portal into a mystic rose garden. If you like what you see here then stay tuned. We showcase many more of Eva’s heavenly works throughout the remainder of the list.  (Photo: Eva Krbdk)