50 Hot Summer Sandal Tattoos Your Feet Will Thank You For Later

In case you needed another reason to go shoeless.

Tiny violet flowers

Flower Tattoo on Foot

Stars, flowers, and some black curly vines.

This framed heart

Awesome Geometric Foot Tattoo

An amazing geometric heart drawn up by talented French artist Cheyenne.

This winding branch

Winding Branch Tattoo on Foot

The black nail polish is a nice touch. (Photo: unknown)

These mysterious balls

Unique Foot Tattoo

Possibly dandelion seeds? Whatever they are they sure look cool. (Photo: ivanserdar)

These feathered paws

Paw Tattoos on Feet

Friggin’ awesome. Why didn’t I think of this. (Photo: Ragoczny)

Colorful stars

Cool Stars Tattoos

Beep Boop Beep. (Photo: Coolsocks)

This hyper realistic butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo

A+ for creativity and execution. (Photo: Led Coult)

These elegant flowers

Flower Tattoos on Foot

One of the more beautiful flower tattoos on the list. These flowers aren’t extremely vivid or over the top yet their soft coloring and elegant lines make them a pleasure to look at. Well done John Gage.

Nautical dad

Nautical Dad Tattoo

This traditional style anchor tattoo features a banner with the word “Dad” on it. Awe. (Photo: unknown)

This pink butterfly

Pink & Black Butterfly Tattoo

(Photo: unknown)