32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos Fit For Royalty

Bend that friggin knee.

32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos Fit For Royalty | TattooBlend

There’s a reason that crown tattoos have become so popular. For almost as long as mankind’s been around, crowns have been a symbol of royalty and privilege. While there might not be as many kings and queens looking down on their subjects as there once were, the crown as a symbol is more widespread than ever. From bottles of booze to packs of ciggs, the crown has come to represent the best of the best. Or at least that’s the idea.

The extravagance and beauty of some of the most well-known crowns in history have inspired some pretty impressive tattoos. The crowns of the English monarchy are probably the most well-known and commonly replicated due to their decadence and level of detail. However, most of the crowns worn by real life kings and queens were of a far simpler construction.

If you’re thinking about getting a crown tattoo but haven’t been able to nail down that specific design, here is a list of crown tattoos of various styles that will hopefully give you just the inspiration you need. Enjoy!

This detailed imperial crown tattoo.

Detailed Crown Tattoo by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

This blackwork back piece.

Crown Tattoo on Back by Anand Sohal

(Photo: Anand Sohal)

This black and gray ink forearm work.

Crown Tattoo on Forearm by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This watercolor crown tattoo on tricep.

Watercolor Crown by Adrian Bascur

(Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This geometric crown tattoo.

Geometric Crown Tattoo by Wang Lei

(Photo: Wang Lei)

This colorful back piece.

Colorful Crown Tattoo by Frankie Oneshot

(Photo: Frankie Oneshot)

This fun little design.

Crown Tattoo on Forearm by David

(Photo: David)

This gorgeous forearm tat.

Black and Gray Crown Tattoo by Ponta Verde

(Photo: Ponta Verde)

This jeweled crown tattoo.

Jeweled Crown Tattoo by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This Minions crown.

Minions Crown Tattoo by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This wrist tat.

Crown on Wrist by Matt Beirne

(Photo: Matt Beirne)