40 King & Queen Tattoos That Will Instantly Make Your Relationship Official

King and Queen Tattoo Designs

You’re my queen and I’m your king. Or vice versa. A saying that’s so cliché yet undeniably adorable at the same time. Depending upon the state of your current love life, these royalesque tattoos are likely to either make you respond with an affectionate “awww” or a small gag, followed by a frantic search for a something to puke in.

In the last few decades, couple tattoos have exploded in popularity. The ultimate permanent act of devotion — prior to advancements in laser removal technology, couple tattoos show the world that you’re seriously spoken for, sort of like what a wedding ring does but without the ability to be pocketed in times of weakness.

From chess pieces, to playing cards, king and queen tat’s definitely hold a spot among the most popular couple tattoo designs. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples out there.

One king, one queen.

King and Queen Crown Tattoos

Matching king and queen tattoos with white accents.

These contrasting foot tattoos.

The king and queen of hearts finger tattoos.

These intricate crowns.

Intricate crowns by Favry

These matching hand tattoos.

These Italian odes of devotion.

These king and queen chess pieces.

King and Queen Couple Tattoos

These adorable finger tattoos.

Couple Finger Tattoos