50 Hot Summer Sandal Tattoos Your Feet Will Thank You For Later

In case you needed another reason to go shoeless.

This abstract foot design

Cute Foot Tattoo

A creative little illustration resembling some sort of flying creature. (Photo: unknown)

These cherry blossom foot tattoos

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoo of Foot

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Photo: Otautahi Tattoo

Adorable Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Foot

Butterfly Flower Foot Tattoo

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“I shall not live in vain”

Quote Foot Tattoo

A great quote surrounding Michigan’s state bird, the Robin. (Photo: Erin Sullivan)

These decorative designs

Vintage Foot Tattoos

And even when you’re barefoot, it looks like you’re wearing footwear. (Photo: unknown)

This dream catching anklet

Anklet Dreamcatcher Tattoo

This beautiful star-shaped dreamcatcher is just the excuse you need to wear flip flops all year long. (Photo: Ozzyink)

This realistic butterfly

Amazing Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

If you blur your eyes a tad this beautiful insect tattoo looks like it’s about to spread it’s wings and fly away. (Photo: unknown)