50 Hot Summer Sandal Tattoos Your Feet Will Thank You For Later

In case you needed another reason to go shoeless.

Summer Sandal Tattoos

In a few short months spring time will be upon us again, which means folks all over the world will be itching to bust out their sandals and possible get a cool new tat to show everyone, well, just how cool they are are.

In the last few years, foot tattoos have been all the rage. From tiny little if-it’s-small-my-parents-won’t-get-as-mad designs to larger pieces which I’m dubbing “Full Socks“, in resect to their higher in elevation “Full Sleeve” counterparts, foot tattoos have an undeniable appeal which transcends gender and age.

Get inspired by this awesomely hip collection of tattoos for your feet.

This beaded feather

Beautiful Feather Tattoo on Foot

Three small beads give this feather just the right amount of color. (Photo Haver Town)

This geometric design

Awesome Foot Tattoo

Great placement. (Photo: Rianne)

This simple arrow

Small Arrow Tattoo On Foot

Sometimes smaller is better. This subtle arrow tattoo would look great in any pair of flip flops. (Photo: unknown)

This delightful butterfly

Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

Twisting vines accent this open-winged butterfly. (Photo: unknown)

This broken butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly Foot Tattoo

Are those stars or pins? (Photo: Nikki Morris)

These beautiful peacock feathers

Peacock Feather Foot Tattoo

This large feather includes purple blotches of color seemingly falling off the feather. (Photo: unknown)

Peacock Feather Foot Tattoo

Greens and yellows give this tat a more realistic appearance.

Cute Peacock Feather Foot Tattoo

Three dimensional shadowing makes this tattoo appear as if it’s floating above the skin. (Photo: Audrey Lewis)

Beautiful Peacock on Foot Tattoo

Small dots add a unique look to this peacock feather. (Photo: unknown)

This skeleton key

Skeleton Key Foot Tattoo

Heavy shading makes this piece really stand out. (Photo: unknown)