50 Hot Summer Sandal Tattoos Your Feet Will Thank You For Later

In case you needed another reason to go shoeless.

This gorgeous rose

Black and White Rose Tattoo on Foot

It should be a crime to cover this beautiful black and white rose with a shoe. (Photo: DaVinci)

These lovely flowers

Beautiful Foot Flower Tattoo

Just looking at these beautiful flowers makes me wanna drink something cool that comes with one of those little umbrellas. (Photo: Sink It In)

This Disney-esque font

Adorable Foot Tattoo

“Where there is love, there is life.” How true. (Photo: unknown)

This city skyline

Skyline Foot Tattoo

It’s not everyday you see a city tattooed on a foot. (Photo: unknown)

These colorful stars

Stars Tattoo on Foot

Striking gradient colors fill each star. (Photo: Jo Perkins)

This subway/bus map

Subway Map Tattoo


This runaway balloon

Creative Foot Tattoo

This looks like something Banksy would stencil on the side of a building.

This mighty stag

Stag Tattoo on Foot

Nothing about this is uncool. (Photo: Kitty Foster)

These twinkling stars

Twinkling Stars on Foot Tattoo

It almost looks like the center of the stars are extruding from the skin. Maybe they are. (Photo: Dov)


Cupid Tattoo on Foot

You can’t go wrong with cupid. Everyone can always use a little more love in their life.