50 Eye-Catching Finger Tattoos That Women Just Can’t Say No To

Our favorite finger tattoos all in one place.

50 Eye-Catching Finger Tattoos That Women Just Can't Say No To | TattooBlend

Shake your head all you like, but finger tattoos are some of coolest tattoos you can ever possess. The location itself often raises eyebrows because, well, they’re super visible and often ridiculously stereotyped as gang tattoos by people who don’t know any better. But luckily we live in an age where tattoos of all types are beginning to become the norm. And come on, if any of the tattoos on this list evoke any emotions aside from lust and jealously you should probably go crawl back under your rock and reminisce how much better life was when you didn’t have to worry about things like electricity and that fancy talking box in the living room making all that noise.

To ensure you’re doing everything in your power to come up with the best possible design, we’ve put together a killer list of finger tattoo designs and ideas that we guarantee you’ll love.

This LOVEly finger tattoo.

LOVEly finger tattoo by Wonseok

As the most powerful four letter word in the English dictionary, it’s no surprise that this is by far the most common finger tattoo we come across on a daily basis. Usually executed in cursive, “love” is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something romantic and timeless that looks as good in photographs as it does in person. (Photo: Wonseok)

This blackwork rose.

Blackwork rose tattoo on finger by Tusz Za Rogiem

If you’re looking for something cool, and we mean, really cool, so cool that you can Instagram it all day without even a single person complaining, then this little rose is definitely something you’ll appreciate. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of heavy blackwork roses and they’re quickly becoming one of our favorite trends.  (Photo: Tusz Za Rogiem)

These cute designs.

Finger tattoos via Catherine Franken

Tattoos are addictive. But you already knew that. And by the looks of this photo, she does too. What starts off as one tattoo, quickly becomes two. And so on and so forth. (Photo: Catherine Franken)

These dotwork finger tattoos.

Finger dots by Indy

While we can’t see the whole picture from this view, the dots alone are an interesting concept that would look great on their own or as part of a larger work.   (Photo: Indy)

This small camera.

Tiny camera tattoo on finger by Savage Sal

Back by popular demand, this tiny camera is one of those fun and quirky little designs that we come across from time to time. A lot people get finger tattoos because they love the idea of a tattoo but don’t want to fully commit to something larger and more visible. (Photo: Savage Sal)

This snake skin pattern.

Snake skin tattoo by OOZY

This sort of qualifies as a finger tattoo right? OK, maybe it doesn’t but we know you’re glad we didn’t leave this epic and thought-provoking piece off the list. Right?  (Photo: OOZY)

These delicate designs.

Delicate finger tattoos by Oliver Whiting

Just because the fingers have a limited surface area, doesn’t mean you can’t create larger compositions. A few well placed items can create a harmonious look with a unique and stylish vibe. (Photo: Oliver Whiting)

This geometric finger tattoo.

Geometric finger tattoo by Ariel Nirakara

Sometimes abstract geometric designs are all you need. This piece features a variety of different elements that all combine to make a dynamic and eye-catching design. Dotwork accents and black ink lines of various widths can all be seen here.     (Photo: Ariel Nirakara)


'Draw' finger tattoos by Shpadyreva Julia

Besides being the coolest card player’s tattoo we’ve ever come across, everything from the font to the clever spade placed perfectly on the middle finger just oozes awesomeness and makes it a great design choice for both men and women alike.  (Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)

A little love.

Little love finger tattoo by Kayleigh Kerr

Another “love” tattoo. Need we say more?  (Photo: Kayleigh Kerr)