50 Hot Summer Sandal Tattoos Your Feet Will Thank You For Later

In case you needed another reason to go shoeless.

This world map

Watercolor Map Tattoo on Feet

I bet this person spends a lot of time looking at their feet. (Photo: Megan Hake)

These tribal swirls

Colorful Tribal Foot Tattoo

A beautiful islander style tattoo incorporating flowers, birds, and waves; everything associated with life near the water. (Photo: unknown)

This breathtaking geometric pattern

Beautiful Geometric Tattoo on Feet

Geometric shapes arranged perfectly to form a mesmerizing spiral. (Photo: Toko Loren)

This night and day sea turtle

Sea Turtle Foot Tattoo

This colorful sea turtle has a night and day yin yang pattern on it’s back.

These works of art

Amazing Foot Tattoos

Two of the most beautiful foot tattoos you’ll probably ever see. Bravo. (Photo: Eilo)

This divided lotus flower

Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoo

And together they are one. (Photo: Gerhard Wiesbeck)

This feminine anchor tattoo

Floral Anchor Foot Tattoo

Pastel flowers surround a lightly drawn anchor. (Photo: Kristin Wolfe)

This gorgeous lotus flower

Gorgeous Lotus Flower Foot Tattoo

Purple hues give way to a beautiful yellow center.  (Photo: Johnny Jinx)

This paisley bird

Paisley Bird Tattoo on Foot

Amsterdam tattoo artist Barbara Swingaling has a passion for paisley style tattoos.

These monochrome daisies

Daisy Flower Foot Tattoos

Black and white flowers always look so regal. (Photo: Bili Vegas)


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