The Best Tattoo Designs for Every Zodiac Sign

Shine this summer with one of these awesome astrological signs.


Virgo galaxy maiden by Sakda Benmart

(Photo: Sakda Benmart)

Virgo symbol by Aly

(Photo: Aly)

Virgo constellation by Francesca Tilotta Maggi

(Photo: Francesca Tilotta Maggi)

Virgo watercolor design by Javi Oviedo

(Photo: Javi Oviedo)

Virgo symbol by Popo

(Photo: Popo)

Mandala Virgo design by Nichola Pierpoint

(Photo: Nichola Pierpoint)

Virgo constellation by J. Ryong

(Photo: J.Ryong)

Watercolor Virgo constellation by Josh

(Photo: Josh)

Virgo tattoo by Miki

(Photo: Miki)

Virgo symbol

(Photo: Esthetician)

Virgo tattoo by Claudia Sufaru

(Photo: Claudia Sufaru)

Virgo virgin maiden symbol by Defy

(Photo: Defy)

by Vincent Chen

(Photo: Vincent Chen)