40 Magnificent Jellyfish Tattoos

No mediocre jellyfish tattoos here.


It would be tough to find a more graceful creature in this planet’s vast oceans than the harmonious jellyfish. Jellyfish always seem to be in anything but a hurry, their lackadaisical lifestyle almost looks as if they’re in a perpetual state of slow motion. For years we’ve studied these fascinating creatures, swam with them, and even put them in aquariums. And to no one’s surprise, we eventually started tattooing them onto our bodies. With their often fantastical displays of morphing color, jellyfish always seem to provide more than enough inspiration for tattoo artists absorb.

Let’s take a look at some truly magical examples of jellyfish tattoo designs and ideas.

This galactic jellyfish


Because everything just looks cooler in space. (Photo: WA Ink)

This geometric beaut

Geometric Jellyfish Tattoo

A wonderful geometric abstract piece. (Photo: UPN)

This gorgeous goo-body


Fun fact: Medusa is another word for jellyfish in sixteen different languages. (Photo: Alex Passapera)

These eyes


Jellyfish are neither male nor female. (Photo: Sasha)

This thigh piece.

Watercolor jellyfish tattoo on thigh by Russell Van Schaick

(Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This calf tattoo.

Watercolor jellyfish tattoo on calf by Emily Kaul

(Photo: Emily Kaul)

This large rib cage work.

Large watercolor jellyfish tattoo on rib cage by Sandro Stagnitta

(Photo: Sandro Stagnitta)

Abstract color addition.

Jellyfish tattoo by Muscat

(Photo: Studio Muscat)

This back shoulder jelly fish tattoo.

Jellyfish tattoo on back shoulder by Jemka

(Photo: Jemka)

This watercolor piece


(Photo: Ydog)