22 Awesome Sibling Tattoos for Brothers and Sisters

From funny to straight up sentimental.

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One night my brother asked me if I wanted to get matching tattoos. Knowing they don’t usually tattoo intoxicated patrons, I did my best to shrug off the idea of the brotherly bonding session, while still trying to keep the “maybe someone should get tatted tonight” vibe on the table. A few beers later, we found ourselves browsing through the big book of ideas on the coffee table of the quaint little tattoo parlor we had found via Google maps.

Now this place wasn’t the nicest of places. In fact, it’s lonely 4-star rating was likely the handy work of an employee or immediate family member, but it did have a rather fantastic collection of artist portfolios all categorized into one neat book copied in triplicate. Everything’s all well and good, anchor tattoos, butterfly tattoos, brother tattoos!? Yes, there was a page titled “Brother tattoos.” Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived due to there only being one tattoo on the page. But now that I had some time to think about things, I realized that brother tattoos, and even family tattoos in general probably weren’t that popular of a thing.

Anyways to get on subject, a few days later here I am, putting together a list of the best sibling tattoos out there. Oh, and my brother did get a tattoo of an arrow. I know, not exactly groundbreaking. But then again my brother wears pajamas to bed in the summer so him just getting a tattoo was a pretty big deal. Enjoy!

Updated: Due to the popularity of this post, we’ve added another 28 awesome tattoo designs!

These triangles, circles, and squares.

Sibling Tattoo Designs by Nako Okubo

Various shapes filled in to signify each subject’s age are a popular design choice when it comes to sibling tattoos. (Photo: Nako Okubo)

These two bands of DNA.

Sibling Brother Tattoos by Fer Galindo

(Photo: Fer Galindo)

This nifty numbered tats.

Sibling Tattoos

(Photo: Netta)

Matching sister tattoos.

Sister Sibling Tattoos by Yan Camardelli

(Photo: Yan Camardelli)

These triplets and their shoulder dates.

Sibling Tattoo Designs by Kristina McManus

(Photo: Kristina McManus)

These adorable owl sister tattoos.

Sister Owl Tattoos by Andrea Pinna

(Photo: Andrea Pinna)

These matching minimalistic forearm tattoos.

Matching Sibling Arrow Tattoos by Christy Huskins

(Photo: Christy Huskins)

This four sisters sitting on a dock.

Sibling Sister Tattoos by David Palacious

(Photo: David Palacios)

These roman numeral wrist tattoos.

Roman Numeral Sibling Tattoos on Wrist

(Photo: Myren)

These terrific triangular wrist tattoos.

Triangular Sibling Tattoos by Stephanie Perkins

(Photo: Stephanie Perkins-Scott)