The Best Tattoo Designs for Every Zodiac Sign

Shine this summer with one of these awesome astrological signs.


Scorpio constellation by Doa

(Photo: Doa)

Scorpio finger tat by Flav

(Photo: Flav)

Scorpio constellation by Disegnarti

(Photo: Disegnarti)

Scorpio tattoo by LU

(Photo: LU)

Watercolor Scorpio constellation by O.GO

(Photo: O.GO)

Scorpio tattoo by Emily Kaul

(Photo: Emily Kaul)

Small scorpio tattoo by Joey Albert

(Photo: Joey Albert)

Scorpio heart tattoo by Vanessa Tezanos

(Photo: Vanessa Tezanos)

Tiny Scorpio tattoo by Siutal Law

(Photo: Siutal Law)

Scorpio tattoo by Ashmit Singh

(Photo: Ashmit Singh)

Scorpio design by Andreia Alves

(Photo: Andreia Alves)Scorpio constellation by Man Yao

(Photo: Man Yao)

Scorpio design by Sage

(Photo: Sage)