The Best Tattoo Designs for Every Zodiac Sign

Shine this summer with one of these awesome astrological signs.


Taurus tattoo via Carmen De Santis

(Photo: Carmen De Santis)

Taurus bull by Hung Vo

(Photo: Hung Vo)

Taurus symbol by Jakarta

(Photo: Jakarta)

Taurus finger tat by Ver Tebra

(Photo: Ver Tebra)

Taurus bull by Anna Maria Reh

(Photo: Anna Maria Reh)

Taurus constellation in a bottle by Onur Herguner

(Photo: Onur Herguner)

Taurus tattoo by Wongrapee Silpaphong

(Photo: Wongrapee Silpaphong)

Taurus symbol by Greem

(Photo: Greem)

Taurus bull by Vitor Miranda

(Photo: Vitor Miranda)

Taurus tribal bull tattoo by Hammett

(Photo: Hammett)