The Best Tattoo Designs for Every Zodiac Sign

Shine this summer with one of these awesome astrological signs.


Gemini symbol by Babz

(Photo: Babz)

Gemini tattoo by Ngok Chiyu

(Photo: Ngok Chiyu)

Gemini finger tat by Jing

(Photo: Jing)

Zodiac sign tattoos by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

Gemini constellations by Kirk Budden

(Photo: Kirk Budden)

Gemini pillars by Jenny

(Photo: Jenny)

Gemini constellations by Indigo

(Photo: Indigo)

Gemini constellations by Mongo

(Photo: Mongo)

Dotwork Gemini tattoo by Puntickarka

(Photo: Puntickarka)

Watercolor Gemini design by Chaotic Ink

(Photo: Chaotic Ink)

Gemini boomerang by Rita Gaur & Vikas Kasbe

(Photo: Rita Gaur & Vikas Kasbe)

Gemini pillars by Ngok Chiyu

(Photo: Ngok Chiyu)

Simple Gemini tattoo by Gualdino Pimentel

(Photo: Gualdino Pimentel)