30 Elegant Finger Tattoos for Women

Give. Me. One. Of. These.

30 Elegant Finger Tattoos For Women | TATTOOBLEND

If you take a piece of paper, draw a line down the center and write “Pro’s” on one side and “Con’s” on the other, it’s easy to understand why finger tattoos have become so popular in today’s day and age. They’re small, they’re cheap, and they’re great for anyone who’s looking to dip their feet into the tattoo pond without committing to something larger.

However, finger tattoos aren’t without their disadvantages. For instance, finger tattoos can make landing certain corporate jobs difficult which carry policies forbidding visible tattoos.

Moreover, the skin on the finger is far less than ideal for maintaining bright colors and sharp lines. The skin around the joints is prone to wear and the skin on the fingers in general is considered one of the worst places to get a tattoo as it does not age particularly well.

A little bit on the history of finger tattoos

Finger tattoos, or knuckle tattoos, are a lot older than you think. In fact, some of the earliest known tattoos have been found on fingers. Archaeologists discovered the mummy of a Peruvian farmer that dates back some one thousand years with four unknown designs across it’s knuckles.

In more modern times, knuckle tattoos appeared in the film The Night of The Hunter when actor Robert Mitchum famously dons the first LOVE/HATE tattoos across his knuckles.

Later finger/knuckle tattoos became a favorite of gangs throughout the world, which somehow transitioned into the moustache tattoo craze, which actually has it’s own Wikipedia page, and finally matured into an overall acceptance of finger tattoos which now seemingly appear in almost every Instagram feed on the net.

This doubled up rosary.

Rosary Finger Tattoo

Although rosary’s aren’t supposed to be worn around necks or fingers, this little finger wrap looks good enough to possibly get a pass from the Pope. (Photo: Pinterest)

This colorless peacock feather.

Peacock Feather Finger Tattoo

Here we have a beautiful black ink peacock feather accented with a touch of white ink.  (Photo: @CARLA101X)

Love me some me.

Heart Finger Tattoo

“My first finger tattoo, they are difficult to do, they blur when healed or wear off so I’m curious how’s this little fella gonna look.” (Photo: Uls Metzger)

This four letter word.

Love finger tattoo

Cursive writing always looks so elegant. Especially when it’s spelling out the most romantic word in the English dictionary. (Photo: gudungisengblog)

These whiskers.

Whiskers Finger Tattoo

I know what you’re thinking, another mustache finger tattoo to serve as a prop for countless selfies. But this one’s too adorable not to love.  (Photo: Gplus)

This perfect fleurdelis.


This photo was originally taken to showcase this fine display of nail art, but off course things are never taken as they are mean’t to on the internet. As far as finger tattoos go, this perfect fleur-de-lis has been pinned, posted, and reblogged with viral gusto across the web and into the record books.  (nailart)

Dots, lines, and arrows.


This series of dots, lines, and arrows is just about as cool as it gets.  (everythingchelsea)

These hanging chains.


These stylish and sophisticated chains drape fashionably down the upper portion of the ring finger. (Photo: Dr. Woo)

This arrow.

Arrow Finger Tattoo

Why arrows are so wildly popular we’ll never know. But their dimensions do make them more than viable candidates for finger tattoos. (Photo: oldtimeyridge)

This regal crown.


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