30 Totally Magical Halftone Tattoos

Move over dotwork, there's a new, eh, dotwork style in town.

30 Totally Magical Halftone Tattoos | TattooBlend

If you haven’t heard of halftone tattoos, then you’re in for a treat. Not unlike dotwork designs, halftone tattoos are mainly comprised of dots of varying sizes, which when viewed from a distance come together to form a specific design.

Those who are familiar with graphic design and/or have spent any considerable amount of time using design software are probably well aware of the halftone design technique. Halftone effects have been used in the graphic arts industry for quite some time now, only recently being adopted by tattoo artists.

Here are a few of our favorite halftone tattoo designs for your viewing pleasure.

These tiger eyes.
Halftone tiger tattoo

Here we have a tigers eyes contained within a triangular shape. A band of color adds a nice contrast to the rest of the piece. (Photo: Bascur)

This reptilian skull.

Halftone Aligator Skull

It’s tough to deny the beauty in this almost minimalistic alligator skull. (Photo: Bascur)

This iconic beauty.

Halftone Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Can you guess who this is? She had one of the shortest careers but still manages to occupy modern media on a daily basis. (Photo: Penny Black)

This open eye.


Notice the dotwork dots surrounding the halftone design. How fitting. (Photo: Eternity Ink)

This halftone arrowhead.

Amazing Halftone Tattoo

Now that I think about it, halftone designs really are just another form of dotwork. (Photo: Adrian)

These dripping poppies.

Halftone Poppy Flower Tattoo

Minor halftone patches accent these gorgeous watercolor flower. (Photo: Vann)

La Gioconda.


The one and only Mona Lisa—known to the French as La Gioconda. Possibly the most well-known painting in the world, the Mona Lisa owes her fame to a museum employee who stole her in 1911, which led to an insane amount of publicity over the theft. The fact that Leonardo da Vinci said “This is my best painting,” probably didn’t hurt either. (Photo:Equilattera)

This striped skull.

Halftone Skull Tattoo

OK. This is cool. (Photo: unknown)

This halftone insect.

Halftone Ant Tattoo

An ant accented with a touch of halftone and a little watercolor work. (Photo: Smash)

This smiling face.

Halftone Portrait Tattoo

What a creative way to get a portrait done. (Photo: Bascur)