45 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoos That Will Leave You In Awe

45 Iconic Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, few celebrities have accomplished what Marilyn Monroe managed to do in such a short period of time.

Since her death in 1962, countless people have chosen to immortalize her in ink on various parts of their bodies. These tattoos have embodied a sense of timeless beauty that could only be expected from one of the biggest sex symbols America has ever known.

Below is a collection of some of the best, and most spectacular Marilyn Monroe Tattoos in existence.

This colorful full back mural

Marilyn Monroe Back Tattoo

This gigantic mash up of color features two different representations of Marilyn. One is of her classic glamour pose and the other is her iconic “White dress” photo from the film The Seven Year Itch.

This photorealistic black and white tattoo

Photorealistic Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Rob Richardson

Rob did an amazing job on this super-realistic black and white tattoo of Marilyn.

This back shoulder tattoo

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

The soft lines around the portrait give it that faded-in look.

This tribute to Andy Warhol

Colorful Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

In 1962, Andy Warhol mass-produced this Marilyn Monroe print which turned out to be one of his most recognized works.

This comic book cutout

Optical Illusion Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

This tattoo is so oddly wonderful I’m not really sure what to make of it. You have the silhouette of Marilyn’s head filled in sporadically with scenes from a superman comic book. It’s too bad the artist didn’t complete the whole portrait but I do have to say, I’m loving this tattoo as it is.

This very tan portrait

Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Photo | Sake

An awesome music-infused tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. It looks like she’s been enjoying that California sun a little too much, but who can blame her.

These signature lips

Marilyn Monroe Lips Tattoo

This amazing tattoo features a set of lip prints and a copy of Marilyn Monroe’s signature. I’ve seen a few lipstick tattoos and a few signature tattoos but never them both together.

This Playboy centerfold

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

This beautiful tattoo definitely has a vintage look to it. Pretty sure this was a copy of one of the Playboy spreads Marilyn did for Hugh back in the day. Did you know Marilyn Monroe was featured in the first ever copy of Playboy magazine?

This fantastic bust of Marilyn

Best Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

What a spectacular work of art. It’s incredible how good tattoos have gotten over the years. The soft colors the artist used go perfectly with the subject’s skin tone.

Shot in the shadows

Black and White Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Great use of shadows and a superb piece if I do say so myself.

This forearm sleeve

Marilyn Monroe Forearm Tattoo

The fact that the only use of color is her red lipstick makes this piece one of my favorites. Megan Fox’s tattoo has nothing on this beauty.

This ankle tattoo

Marilyn Monroe Ankle Tattoo