30 Men & Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Get Inked


There are two ways to make a tattoo design more impressive. You can either make it tiny, think micro slim need scale. Or you can make it bigger, much bigger.

A massive mural of ink is always captivating, even if happens to be lacking in the quality department. But when you see a large scale tattoo done with the precision and skill, well, let’s just say there’s more than a good chance that your jaw will literally drop.

Large scale tattoos are exhausting, expensive, and not as common as you would think. So I decided to round 30 of my favorite designs that all belong to people who definitely aren’t afraid of needles.

30 Men and Women Who Aren't Afraid to Get Inked

This 3D effect.

by Jesse Rix

(Photo: Jesse Rix)

These shin and forearm pieces.

by Konstantin

(Photo: Konstantin)

These ornamental designs.

by Blum

(Photo: Blum)

This geometric design.

by Raimundo Ramirez

(Photo: Raimundo Ramirez)

This spider web.

A spider web by Ben Thomas

(Photo: Ben Thomas)

This eye.

by Jamie Luna

(Photo: Jamie Luna)

This skull.

by Benjamin Laukis

(Photo: Benjamin Laukis)

This colorful Japnese-themed piece.

by Akos

(Photo: Akos)

This chest piece.

by Jun Cha

(Photo: Jun Cha)


by Black Tatu

(Photo: Black Tatu)