30 Men & Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Get Inked


There are two ways to make a tattoo design more impressive. You can either make it tiny, think micro slim need scale. Or you can make it bigger, much bigger.

A massive mural of ink is always captivating, even if happens to be lacking in the quality department. But when you see a large scale tattoo done with the precision and skill, well, let’s just say there’s more than a good chance that your jaw will literally drop.

Large scale tattoos are exhausting, expensive, and not as common as you would think. So I decided to round 30 of my favorite designs that all belong to people who definitely aren’t afraid of needles.

This 3D effect.

by Jesse Rix

(Photo: Jesse Rix)

These shin and forearm pieces.

by Konstantin

(Photo: Konstantin)

These ornamental designs.

by Blum

(Photo: Blum)

This geometric design.

by Raimundo Ramirez

(Photo: Raimundo Ramirez)

This spider web.

A spider web by Ben Thomas

(Photo: Ben Thomas)

This eye.

by Jamie Luna

(Photo: Jamie Luna)

This skull.

by Benjamin Laukis

(Photo: Benjamin Laukis)

This colorful Japnese-themed piece.

by Akos

(Photo: Akos)

This chest piece.

by Jun Cha

(Photo: Jun Cha)


by Black Tatu

(Photo: Black Tatu)