20 Scenic Landscape Tattoos

Trees? Grass? Mountains? They bring their own.

20 Scenic Landscape Tattoos

Landscape tattoos are a relatively new concept. Let me rephrase that. Quality color landscape tattoos are a relatively new concept. Why is this you ask? It all boils down to a combination of two factors.

First of all, the development of higher quality inks with vibrant colors provided artists with the tools they needed to execute works with greater detail and broader color schemes. Previous limitations due to ink quality and color availability were now things of the past. This coupled with the emergence of the hyper realism trend mean’t that whatever artists could dream up could now and was now being inked.

Scenic tattoos encompassing sweeping vistas and picturesque sunsets have a unique allure that puts them in a special category all by themselves. In this article we’ll explore a variety of different examples; from small and creative, to grandiose masterpieces that will leave you in awe.

This tranquil pond


This magical, almost glowing pond scene is beyond mind-blowing. It reminds me of waking up at the crack of dawn to go fishing with my grandfather when I was just a little tike. (Photo: Kyle Cotterman)

This mountainous skyline

Scenic Mountain Tattoo

Beautiful foreground flowers give way to breathtaking vistas with snow covered peaks. (Photo: Chung Tattoo)

This scenic sunset

Beautiful Landscape Tattoo

A setting sun illuminates this little slice of heaven. This painting has an uncanny resemblance to an oil painting. Pure perfection. (Photo: Kyle Cotterman)

This winding river


An awesome medallion scene where the river flows out from the frame. Who wouldn’t want this? (Photo: Supergenius)

This autumn field

Watercolor Nature Tattoo

Greens, oranges, and yellows combine to form a wonderful Magic Marker-like effect.

Mount Fuji

Japanese Landscape Tattoo

A beautiful elevated view of Mount Fuji’s snow-capped peak along with an old wooden pavilion and a few flowering cherry blossoms. (Photo: Matteo Pasqualin)

These red roses

Gorgeous Landscape Tattoo

Snowy mountains throw a stellar reflection upon the glassy surface of the lake.  (Photo: Marie Terry)

This rocky sunset

Stunning Landscape Sleeve

From the choice of color to the creative layout, this stunning rocky mountain sunset is quickly climbing my list of all time favorites. (Photo: Nickhole Arcade)

Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki Tattoo

Also known as Mount Egmont, this perpetually snow-covered peak is one of the most symmetrical volcanos in the world. Look familiar? It’s resemblance to Mount Fuji in Japan earned it a spot in the film The Last Samurai. (Photo: Pepa)

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This tropical paradise

Tropical Landscape Tattoo

A spectacular view of above and below the water. (Photo: Den Yakovlev)