36 Stunning Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Currently the hottest thing in floral.

Amazing Watercolor Flower Tattoo Designs

There’s nothing more beautiful than a floral watercolor tattoo done right. The soft, edgeless lines and bleeding colors combine for an undeniably elegant composition that puts the “oo” in tattoo. Here are a few of our favorite watercolor flower tattoos that will literally take your breath away.

This gorgeous leg piece.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo on Leg by Chris Borchik

Soft shades of pink decorate this spindly stem as it rises up the inside of the leg. (Photo: Chris Borchik)

This rose and poppy

Watercolor Rose and Poppy by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Tattooist Flower)

These playful daisies.

Watercolor Daisies by Nichelle Gabbard

These white and yellow daisies don’t posses your typical watercolor fill. Instead, wisps of color meander though the flowers like the wind on a breezy day. (Photo: Nichelle Gabbard)

This back shoulder floral arrangement.

Blue Watercolor Flower Tattoo by Lenara

Although we’re not sure what type of flowers these are, their sketch style lines and cool shades of green and blue make this piece an absolute pleasure to view. (Photo: Lenara)

This naturalistic bouquet.

Watercolor Flower Bouquet by Rachel Ulm

This bouquet includes a wide variety of different flowers, wild ones from the looks of them. The artist’s unique style is vaguely reminiscent of a Magic marker that’s running out of ink. (Photo: Rachel Ulm)

This large side piece.

Watercolor Floral by Miami Tattoo Co.

(Photo: Miami Tattoo Co)

This amazing floral armband.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo by Lenara

Small roses of different colors make up this delightful floral armband. Is this possibly the 21st century’s replacement for the barbed wire armband? Let’s hope so. (Photo: Lenara)


This pretty poppy.

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo by June Jung

Here we have a long-stemmed rose with just a hint of crimson ink. (Photo: June Jung)

This geometric lotus.Watercolor Lotus Tattoo by Nelly Morskaya

A large lotus flower located high on the back. A few geometric shapes created with dotted lines add an extra layer of detail to this watercolor flower tattoo. (Photo: Nelly Morskaya)

This wandering shoulder work.

Watercolor Flowers on Shoulder

Gorgeous watercolor flowers with long squiggly stems are strategically placed together to form a fantastic floral composition. (Photo: unknown)

This pink watercolor rose tattoo.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo by Nelly Morskaya

No words for this. Just exaggerated facial expressions. (Photo: June Jung)