50+ Flawless Flamingo Tattoos

AKA flamboyance.

This origami flamingo.

Origami Flamingo Tattoo by Marshall Griffin

An origami designed flamingo with one very short leg. (Photo: Marshall Griffin)

This mandala design.

Mandala Flamingo Tattoo by Hubai Mateo

Creative. (Photo: Hubai Mateo)

This colorful composition.

Colorful Flamingo Tattoo by Michelle Maddison

This reminds me of those air brushed t-shirts you always see for sale while on vacation in tropical locales. (Photo: Michelle Maddison)

This state of Florida tattoo.

State of Florida Flamingo Tattoo by Fritz

Here we have what looks like a flamingo lawn ornament stuck into the state of Florida. I think it’s safe to say that Florida is the world capital of flamingo lawn ornaments. (Photo: Fritz)

This tropical sunset.

Tropical Sunset Flamingo Tattoo by LC

Flamingo’s get their pink color from beta-carotene in the plankton and shrimp they eat. Flamingos that live in zoo’s are often completely white when fed beta-carotene-free diets. (Photo: LC)

This minimalistic thigh piece.

Old School Flamingo Tattoo by GunPuck

Simple is beautiful. (Photo: GunPuck)

This breathtaking beaut.

Breathtaking Pink Flamingo Tattoo by Santa

Both male and female flamingos take turn sitting on the eggs in the nest. (Photo: Santa)

This cute couple.

Couple Flamingo Tattoo by Juan Pablo

Flamingos come in six different species, each appearing almost identical in look, shape, and color. (Photo: Juan Pablo Pradel)

This big back piece.

Large Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo on Back by Tavares

This negative space watercolor piece is simply divine. (Photo: Tavares)

These hidden letters.

Awesome Flamingo Tattoo by Simona Blanar

Spelling out “Laska.” (Photo: Simona Blanar)