50+ Flawless Flamingo Tattoos

AKA flamboyance.

50 Flawless Flamingo Tattoos | TattooBlend

Flamingos are seemingly everywhere we look. Their unique shape and bright pink feathers make them a popular choice for artists and designers alike. When it comes to tattoos, flamingos might not enjoy the same level of popularity as say owls or butterflies, but they far from obscurity. From watercolor works to dotwork designs, flamingos can make for some pretty spectacular works of art. Here are a few of the best flamingo tattoos we could find.

This blackwork beauty.

Black Ink Flamingo Tattoo by Andre Cast

Did you know flamingo’s knee joints bend backwards? This colorless design features creative minimalistic waves and a dotwork sun. (Photo: Andre Cast)

This wonderful watercolor work.

Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo by Sus-Boom

While most would put this delightful design in the watercolor category, it looks more reminiscent of a Magic Marker drawing that’s been slightly smeared. (Photo: Sus-Boom)

This awesome skeleton.

Flamingo Tattoo by Mark Ford

Can’t say enough good things about this super-cool design. The purple, turquoise, and light grey skeleton really combine for a magical look. (Photo: Mark Ford)

This large thigh piece.

Flamingo Tattoo by Johan Avila

(Photo: Johan Avila)

This pink plant.

Pink Flamingo Tattoo by Cheri Gourlay

Who knew flamingos grew like plants? I always thought they hatched from eggs like other birds. (Photo: Cheri Gourlay)

This space piece.

Flamingo Tattoo by David Cote

The one and only David Cote always comes through with his signature surrealist space themes. (Photo: David Cote)

This artistic watercolor flamingo tattoo.

Artistic Flamingo Tattoo by Jean Alvarez

(Photo: Jean Alvarez)

Flowers on my back.

Black Ink Flamingo Tattoo by Fernanda Prado

An amazing black and grey ink piece with some wonderful feather work. (Photo: Fernanda Prado)

Fanny the flamingo.

Floral Flamingo Tattoo

She sure is beautiful. (Photo: Laura)

This Alice in Wonderland piece.

Alice in Wonderland Flamingo Tattoo by Nate

Tea time anyone? (Photo: Nate)

And another Alice in Wonderland piece.

Alice in Wonderland Flamingo Tattoo by Russell Van Schaick

An almost sketch-style outline filled in with watercolor work. (Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This low poly work.

Geometric Flamingo Tattoo by Sven Rayen

Sven’s low poly pieces are the tip of the sword when it comes to geometric designs. (Photo: Sven Rayen)