50+ Flawless Flamingo Tattoos

AKA flamboyance.

This fantastic watercolor work.

Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo by Tayfun Bezgin

This design belongs on the side of a fine china teacup. (Photo: Tayfun Bezgin)

This black sun.

Black Ink Flamingo Tattoo by

Cool. (Photo: The Black Lodge)

This pretty pink flamingo.

Pretty Pink Flamingo Tattoo by Pamela

Another roped-framed design with a couple pink flowers. (Photo: Pamela)

This large side piece.

Large Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo on Side

Another wonderful watercolor design complete with killer lashes. (Photo: Simona Blanar)

These geometric patterns.

Geometric Blackwork Flamingo Tattoo

A truly unique geometric pattern. (Photo: Lauren Sutton)

These geometric shapes.

Lovely Flamingo Tattoo by Miss Quartz

Complete with geometric feet. (Photo: Miss Quartz)

This lovely leg tattoo.

Watercolor Pink Flamingo Tattoo by Forrest Salcido

This tiny watercolor work is b-e-a-utiful. (Photo: Forrest Salcido)

This fascinating foot piece.

Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo on Foot by Jamie Wong)

Impressionism. (Photo: Jamie Wong)

This delightful dotwork.

Dotwork Flamingo Tattoo by Maria Fernandez

With a little linework thrown in for good measure. (Photo: Maria Fernandez)

This naturalistic scene.

Flamingos Tattoo

Two flamingos wade in the water while the sun sets behind them. (Photo: Beatriz)