50+ Flawless Flamingo Tattoos

AKA flamboyance.

This beautiful brushwork.

Brushwork Flamingo Tattoo by Lee Stewart

Wonderful black brushwork makes for a truly breathtaking design. (Photo: Lee Stewart)

This watercolor work.

Amazing Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo by Adrian Bascur

A smaller watercolor flamingo on the forearm. (Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This dapper darling.

Flamingo with monocle Tattoo by Uncl Paul Knows

A brightly colored flamingo complete with top hat and monocle. (Photo: Uncl Paul)

This delightful dotwork design.

Dotwork Flamingo Tattoo by Wanderly Ferreira

Elegant. (Photo: Wanderly)

This wicked forearm tat.

Flamingo Forearm Tattoo by IDA

A tiny pink flamingo set in front of black and white ribbons. (Photo: IDA)

This perfect pair.

Matching Flamingo Tattoos by Meri

These appear to be the same person’s legs but why only one sock? (Photo: Meri)

This bad ass blackwork design.

Blackwork Flamingo Tattoo by Andre Cast

Awesome. This looks like a design you’d see on a roll of Japanese wallpaper. (Photo: Andre Cast)

This painted piece.

Painted Flamingo Tattoo by Nina

Although it’s not known for sure, we believe flamingos stand on one leg to conserve much needed energy. (Photo: Nina)

This beautiful beach scene.

Flamingo Tattoo by Jussi Kokkarnen

This rope-framed tropical beach scene depicts a flamingo with black and pink feathers. Flamingos have black feathers under their wings which are only visible during flight. (Photo: Jussi Kokkarinen)

Only one foot in the shit.

Funny Flamingo Tattoo by Pat

It’s funny cause it’s true. (Photo: Pat)